Unicode is pretty awesome and lets you do sweet tricks such as:

As you can see, Unicode is incredibly great and everyone should use much more of it. When I grow up I want to be a Unicode glyph although I haven't decided which one yet. There are a great variety to choose from and it is difficult to say which is the best. Unicode is growing rapidly and some day there might even be a normal potato, baked potato wrapped in aluminum foil, or possibly even a mashed potato glyph. Graphics might be rendered entirely with Unicode glyphs; they are evidently much more expressive than plain ASCII which was itself fairly expressive when manipulated by the right talent.

There are even more great Unicode glyphs than I could possibly be aware of and I hope as time goes on I will become more familiar with the wide variety there are to choose from. Until them I am pretty happy about the space alien, scary alien (looks different on Android Chrome!), and skull and crossbones (which is arguably the best Unicode glyph!)

ASCII has smiley faces and playing card symbols but not a whole lot else unless you get into the extended set which isn't necessarily the same on all machines. At least Unicode has hope for wider support even though apparently the skull and crossbones doesn't render on Android Chrome but looks fine on Linux Firefox and Linux Chrome, and also the scary alien head actually looks a bit better on Android Chrome in that there appears to be an oversized brain which is not limited by the containment of any skull — that is admittedly a bit weird, and almost makes up for the failure to give a good skull and crossbones.

Anyhow all this rambling about totally rad Unicode glyphs isn't getting my homework done, so I guess I'll throw in the towel now.